About us

  I am the owner of 1st Rate Roofing, LLC.  Our company was established in Jan 1988 by a man with over 20 years experience in the roofing trade, and his 2 sons (my brother & I)  who grew up helping him on the job.  After a year, my dad and brother headed off to follow other dreams while I stayed here and continued pursuing the dream of owning my own business.  Over the years, our company has grown to be a highly recomended name in the Willamette Valley.

We do new construcion with many contractors who have used our services for as many as 19 years, which makes for a lot of repeat business.

We enjoy doing custom homes with specialty shingles and have experience with many brands and styles.

On our tear off and reroof jobs, we are very careful to protect your plants and shrubs.  We also do an extensive clean up of your yard, including dragging a magnet to find all of the nails/ staples that we can. 

If you have any problem areas on your roof or with ventilation, we have the experience to know what needs to be done.